Minstrel Hall

Welcome to Minstrel Hall! We have an extensive virtual gaming shop, where you can play a variety of games including Dungeons and Dragons, chess, and in fact anything you can think of!

To join in the fun, you will need a MUD client (also called a Telnet client). Recommended clients include Gypsum (recommended; check the README for your platform for installation instructions), TinyFugue, mushclient, and in fact just about anything you care to use. Connect to minstrelhall.com port 221. If you wish to play from your browser, you can use The Mud Connector's client, but this lacks many features such as color.

Don't worry too much about a character name; you can always change it later. Use whatever you want as a login (as long as it's not openly offensive), and your DM will help you with the rest.

In Minstrel Hall, a number of ongoing campaigns take place. Most of them follow some edition of the official Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, but this is entirely up to the campaigns' DMs - almost any dice-based system can be accomodated. All campaigns are free to play, but you will find it helpful to have a copy of the appropriate Player's Handbook.

Campaign nameDM nameRoomLooking?Playing times (UTC)
Rawwk!PollysamuraiNoTuesdays 7pm UTC
Shadowrun: Dragon of the WestBodrizholeYes11AM UTC, every saturday.
7015: The Dragon's UmbraRosuav7015Yes2AM Sundays

For further information about a campaign, click on its name, or inquire in-game.

Server admin: Chris Angelico, contactable in-game as Rosuav, or by email, dmr at minstrelhall dot com.